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Age structure: Cisleithania 1880

Census data on age structure, by year of birth, of men and women in Cisleithania in 1880, by district


1880, population, demography, age, age structure, marital status, Cisleithania, district

Geographical extent:


Year(s) covered by data: 


Unit of observation:

district / Bezirkhauptmannschaft

Source type:


Transcription originator:

Tomas Cvrcek

Recommended citation:

Cvrcek, Tomas. "Age structure: Cisleithania 1880." The CZOERNIG Datahub., 2022.

Any note of caution:

The excel file is a direct transcription of the linked source document, checked and cleaned, with no further data processing, except for column C: "Bezirks - constant borders" (see the "Format" tab in the About section of the page for details).

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