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Parliamentary elections: Reichsrat 1911

Data on Reichsrat election results in 1911 by electoral district, with votes by party preference for the first round (not the run-offs)


1911, Cisleithania, Reichsrat, elections, electoral districts

Geographical extent:

Imperial Austria

Year(s) covered by data: 


Unit of observation:

electoral districts

Source type:

Government publication

Transcription originator:

Michael Pammer

Recommended citation:

Pammer, Michael: Not so fragmented: The Party System in the Last Parliamentary Election of Imperial Austria, in: Milan Hlavačka, Johannes Kalvoda, Michael Pammer, John Rogister, Luboš Velek (eds.): "Die Heimstatt des Historikers sind die Archive". Festschrift für Lothar Höbelt, Wien, Köln: Böhlau, 2022, pp. 475–489.

Any note of caution:

The file contains only the sums of each electoral district, not its fractions (judicial districts or fractions of judicial districts). It contains only valid votes, not invalid or empty ones. The parties are ordered according to the sources, starting with the parties of Lower Austria. Other parties are added in new columns when they appear first. For all lands, independent candidates and shattered votes appear in the last columns. The votes for the parties are the votes in the first round, not the votes in the runoff election. (The runoff election was, of course, only between the two strongest candidates in the first round, so the preferences for other parties disappear.)

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