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Survey of primary schools: Cisleithania 1865

Comprehensive survey of primary schools (Volksschulen), their teaching staff, operation and expenditure in (most of) Cisleithania in 1865, by school


primary school, 1865, language of instruction, enrolment, teachers, Cisleithania, Volksschule, schooling expenditure, education, religion, teacher salary

Geographical extent:

Cisleithania, except Galicia, Bukovina and Dalmatia

Year(s) covered by data: 


Unit of observation:


Source type:

government survey

Transcription originator:

Tomas Cvrcek

Recommended citation:

Cvrček, Tomáš. Schooling Under Control: The Origins of Public Education in Imperial Austria 1769-1869. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2020.

Any note of caution:

The good people of Triente did not send any data, so that particular observation in missing. Also, data from Galicia, Bukovina and Dalmatia were not published by individual schools; they are therefore not included.

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