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Navigable waterways: Austrian Empire 1854

Polyline shapefile containing navigable waterways (rivers and canals) in the Austrian Empire as of 1854, with note indicating steam ship (S.S.) navigability attached to each


rivers, canals, waterways, navigable, 1854, Austria, Austrian Empire, steam ship

Geographical extent:

Austrian Empire

Year(s) covered by data:


Shapefile type:


Source type:

government report

Shapefile originator:

Tomas Cvrcek

Recommended citation:

Cvrcek, Tomas. "Navigable waterways: Austrian Empire 1854." The CZOERNIG Datahub., 2022.

Any note of caution:

Steam ship navigability is noted in a comment attached to each waterway where the original source mentioned it.

Navigable waterways: Austrian Empire 1854
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