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Survey of primary schools: Cisleithania 1870-71

A survey of the equipment, staffing and enrolment of primary schools in Cisleithania in the school-year 1870-1, by school district and by civil district (Bezirkhauptmannschaft)


teachers, enrolment, bezirkhauptmannschaft, education, 1871, Volksschule, language of instruction, primary school, religion, schooling expenditure, teacher salary

Geographical extent:


Year(s) covered by data: 


Unit of observation:

school district, civil district / Bezirkhauptmannschaft

Source type:

Government survey

Transcription originator:

Tomas Cvrcek

Recommended citation:

Cvrček, Tomáš. Schooling Under Control: The Origins of Public Education in Imperial Austria 1769-1869. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck. 2020

Any note of caution:

The administrative structure of primary schooling in Galicia was not fully developed at this time; therefore the borders of the school districts in this crownland were fluid and did not necessarily overlap with those of civil districts.

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